Solidd, What is it?

Solidd is a store full of products for different kinds of people. When we asked the owner, he told us about how he first started this store with clothes for the security, but wanted more diversity, so he expended his inventory to include all kinds of clothes.

You can also look for sport supplies and if you want to get your hair done you can go upstairs. And he is upgrading the smoothy bar with freshmade sandwiches. There is an open atmosphere in the store and you don’t feel any pressure to buy something.


Why is it cool?

People nowadays are really busy. They don’t have a lot of time and when they do, they do things as fast as possible. And in this store you can get a lot of things without going far. As a woman you can get your hair done while your husband is eating, and your kid can play on the playground, so everyone is happy.

So this store is aware of all the diversity in the world.