Caire, What is it? is a Dutch website where people can help other people. When you have an illness or you are someone who wants to help other people, you can make a personal account on the website. When you are out of groceries or have a hospital appointment and you can’t go by yourself, you can add it to the website and someone in your neighbourhood can help you out. The fun thing about it is, that when you help someone out, you will get a reward. The reward are caire-credits and with those credits you can buy stuff or give a donation, but most of the people help others because they like it.

Doe je graag iets voor een ander?

Why is it cool?

It’s cool because people with an illness are dependent on their family or friends who don’t have a lot of time. At this website they can ask for help in an easier way. When they ask on the website if someone can bring them to the hospital, they know that that person is really willing to do that. And the good thing about it is, that they can get more social contacts or even new friends out of it.
And it is time and money saving for the hospitals, doctors and their close circle, too.