Mitfahrgelegenheit, What is it?

Now a days people meet each other at places to go to work. But why isn’t carpooling for longer trips possible?

Mitfahrgelegenheit made it possible. On the website you can give your information like the place or street you want to go to and where they can pick you up.  When you want to go to Paris you can add it on the website and you will see the people with the same destination. Then you can schedule your trip together and the gas price will be shared with the people in the car.

Why is it cool?

It is cool because mitfahrgelegenheit thinks about the environment. When people travel alone there will be a lot more environmental pollution. When you are hitch-hicking you don’t know the person that’s riding you to your destination. At the website you can talk with each other on the phone or by email so it is a lot safer and, because you’re sharing the gasprice, the journey is a lot cheaper, too. The fun thing about is that you meet new people and when you are having a good time in the car you can meet again on your vacation or trip. So if you’re opened up to that, you will get new social contacts.