Lookbook.nu, what is it?

Lookbook is a website where you can share your fashion outfit of the day. When this site first started you had to make a personal account but now it’s getting more popular you can sign in with your social networks which make it a lot easier. You can look at outfits from people all over the world and rate them if you think they are inspiring. The hottest outfits will appear at the homepage. Also lot of fashion bloggers look at this site to spot the newest trends.

Why is it cool?

It is cool because a lot of people get inspired from others because of the photos they post. When you don’t know what to wear you can look at the website and find a lot of cool outfits. It is fun because you can rate each other and thats what keeps people motivated to post their own outfit.
There is an app for it so you can look at new outfits all day long and to keep you updated of all the fashion trends.

Source: http://www.lookbook.nu