RiRiver Island

A couple of days ago I read in a magazine that Rihanna is going to launch a clothing line at the River Island. You see more often that great fashionstores are going to work together with celebrities or famous designers. Not a long time ago Lana Del Rey got her own clothingline at the H&M, which also worked together with Versace and Madonna.  And now Rihanna’s album Unapologetic is out which shows us a whole new voice and style, and with her new clip ‘Diamonds,’ it’s going better than ever with Riri.

So her clothing line at River Island will be launched in Spring 2013. Rihanna inspires a lot of people with her style and music so there will be a lot of buyers. I love Rihanna’s style, which is a combination of feminine style with a rough detail and it combines well with the vision of River Island. I’m really excited, and pretty curious about how it will turn out.

Are you all ready excited about her new clothing line? You have to wait for a while but you can get already in the mood with her new song!