Le dernier bar avant la fin du monde

What is it?

Le dernier bar avant le fin du monde is a bar in Paris. ‘Le dernier bar avant le fin du monde’ means: the final bar before the end of the world. You can have a drink in there, lounge in the beautiful luxurous living rooms and play games. There is a library, a game library and you can watch to concert and stage shows.  It is a meeting place to share inspiriations and creativity. The bar is made in a ‘out of space’ style. For the geeks in the world they have a lot of  funny details like a defribrillator which is a Pickachu and they also show a board where they are counting off the days before the world will perish. You can sit in a enviroment based on movies and games like Indiana Jones, The Matrix, Star Wars (which I really love!)  and the World of Warcraft.


Why is it cool?

Le dernier bar avant le fin du monde knows about the Maya’s prophesy, that the world will end at December, 21 and they play along with it and use ‘out of space’ details and decoration. The bar respond to the living room society. I’ve never seen a bar like this before which makes it new and authentic.


source: http://www.9gag.com , http://www.dernierbar.com/