Masculine eyebrows.

What is it?

In the ’90s every women had uber-skinny, highly-arched eyebrows. For a recent study analyzers at the University of Southern California examined the brows of models and women in fashion magazines since 1946 and found the interesting trend that not only the eyebrows are getting fuller and longer but most women let them grown further from the nose which means that eyebrows are getting flatter which makes it less different from the male eyebrow.

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Why is it cool?

Very thin and high eyebrows used to be a common thing for women and it would be an attractive feminine feature. But there are more women that are looking for a flatter, straighter and more masculine look. This happens because the equality of the sexes is increasing a lot. The space between masculinity and femininty is not so large anymore and the sexes are taken eachother values. The eyebrows are a small example but they are a upcoming trend and feature in the revolution of sexes.

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