Tomboy Miley.

What is it?

Miley Cyrus tweeted a photo of cutting of her sweet, feminine bun and switched it for a rough, cool short haircut known as the Tomboy haircut. The tomboy cut is a short shaved haircut which is lot seen at men. It is a very boyish short bouffant hairstyle that looks super fresh. Since she’s done it a lot of celebrities followed like Rihanna and Malin Akerman.


Why is it cool?

It is cool because the tomboy haircut is a lot seen at men, it is a masculine look . Now that Miley Cyrus started this trend she made it accessible for women, too. I feel like it’s always about long hair and that is the deciding factor between feminine and masculine and I am glad that Cyrus chopped all of her hair off change this factor. It gives a women a rough and makes her more edgy. It is good thing this trend came and inspired a lot of women that short hair can be femine, too.