What is it?00077681

J.W. Anderson is a fashion designer and he created a whole new look for men! At the fashion world there was an upcoming trends for men to wear leggings. Now J.W Anderson came up with a lot of different styles, he made a collection of men who wear women’s clothing. Skirts, dresses and even girly boots! But this is not a joke, J.W Anderson really thinks this is becoming a new trend.

Why is it cool?

It is a whole different side of the masculinity<>feminity trend. We see that a lot of fashion designers created a collection for women that was based on men’s clothing, but now it switched rôle. This new trend is a movement against the feminism. We all know that the women have a lot more “power” than a few years ago but can this mean that the men are protesting and want their “power” back? I think that the sexes are becoming a lot more even and that it doesn’t matter anymore what kind of human you are. With this trend the men are more open up to their feminity side and it is cool!