Peace between genders – Dennis Diem

What is it?

Dennis Diem showed us a new collection at the Amsterdam Fashion Week 2013.At the beginning of the runway you saw at each side barricades with white flags in it. When the first male models came up they lay down like they were victims of a war. It looked like they have put the white flag up which means ”have mercy, we surrender” and the white flag also stands for peace. The women models came up in beautiful white dresses and some of them was wearing a dark red or soft pink dresses. They looked very strong and powerfull and at the end there came a model with a beautiful swan inspired dress up. A swan is the symbol for peace and calmness.


Why is it cool?

I think it is cool because the man used to be the authority of the society. When the first feminisme rised to the surface, the women became a lot more important than the man was. There was like a battle between the sexes, who has the most power?

With this show I think Dennis wants to say that there is becoming peace between the genders. The male models had there white flags and conceived the swan, the sign of peace. At the end they gather all around to eachother. No one is more important then the other, it doesn’t matter anymore what you are. Both genders can work together on the same level.