Honest By

What is it?  Green2_V_6Feb2013_PR_b_240x360

A lot of designers and stores don’t know how the designs are produced and under what kind of circumstances they are made. Use of toxic material, animal cruelty and child labour are just a few of unethical ways of producing clothing in the fashionscene. Honest by is a new label from Bruno Pieters. Bruno Pieters used to be a designer at Hugo Boss, but he left to India for quit some time to think about his life and what he wants to get out of it. In India, he saw a sign with the Gandhi quote, ”Be the change you want to see in the world”. That’s when he begin to start his new fashion company, Honest By, what he considers to be the world’s first fully transparent fashion compagny.  At each design at his webshop he shows every detail about the item he can show.


Why is it cool?

He is one of the first people who is fully open and honest to their buyers, thats why he called the compagny, Honest By, he has nothing to hide. He says at the Sustainable Stories at the Amsterdam Fashion Week, that he only wants to work with factories who are completly honest about their production.  The designs are only available on the website and each design gives you a precise description of where all the products that are used for the design comes from. You can see how many people worked on each piece from conception to production and the time they spent making it. Bruno shows all the prices and the sustainable materials he has used to make this design. Buyers with a particulair vision of their lifestyle can be themselves and buy clothing that fits at their lifestyle. If you are a Vegan, you can search for an item with the vegan logo and if you want to know at which country your item is made, you just have to look at the description. It’s really easy for the costumers and the service and the customers appreciate the honesty that Bruno Pieters provides.