What is it?
Tingo is a part of the TripAdvisor family en brings transparancy into the hotel travel pricing. With Tingo, consumers can book a hotel room for the lowest available price they can find and when the price drops the service automatically changes the reservation in the lowest price that they can find. The best part is that there is no extra work for the consumers and they get a notification about the new lower price until 24 hours before they have to check-in.  At their website they tell this; “We’re always looking out for you. After you book, we’ll let you know if prices change on other rooms in your hotel and you can trade up for free.”
Why is it cool?
It is cool because Tingo is all open to their consumers. When there are lower prices they let them know and if the consumer wants it they can accept it. There are not much travel compagnies which are open about their prices and are not likely to give the consumers a lower price if possible. But price transparancy is upcoming and will become more and more. Consumers wants to know what they are buying and when compagnies are transparant about their prices they will sell more. It’s a real benefit to travelers and hotels can still make profit. So Tingo is doing a great job in giving good service to their consumers.