What is it?

GoodGuide is a website/App  for green consumers where you can find all the information that you need about products such as personal care, food, cleaning products and toys. At the GoodGuide company there are working a lot of professionals such as toxinologist, chemist and nutritionist, who know everything about the production and ingrediënts of these products. They rate every product from a 1 to 10 scale based on Health, Enviroment and Society and when you click on the score you can find all the details about each product and why it gets this rating. Also they have a transparancy toolbar, which shows you the ratings and other suggets on a easy and fast way. You can personalize this toolbar and it helps you with buying the right products.



Why is it cool?

It is cool because, they make it easy and simple to find healthy, sustainable and safe products. They show transparancy towards consumers because they are honest about the products. It is good that they let the professionals rate the products, because it gives us more trust about their opinion.  With this site/app people can buy healthy, safe and sustainable products that are better for themselves and the enviroment. Because of their transparancy they can help the people  work on a very easy way. towards a cleaner and safer world.