Bios Urn

What it Is:

The spanish product designer Gerard Moline has made an beautiful way of playing with life after death with this eco biodegrabable urn. Gerard Moline is a designer  by Elisava, currently working in Estudi Moliné ( ), a product design studio focused on social and natural solutions for quotidian problems. His Bios Urn is a urn made from coconut shell, peat an cellulose and inside of the urn it contains a seed of a tree. Once you’re died and had a cremation and your remains have placed into the urn, it can be planted like a tree and the seed feeds itself with your ash. It depends on what kind of planting space you prefer but the better part is that you can choice the type of plant you would like to become after your death.

Why it is Cool:

It is cool, because it gives a beautiful twist of life after death. It is a sustainable concept because the Bios urn will disappear in the ground and you will turn out into a tree.  Also it costs almost nothing and it is good for the environment.  It would be great to make an “Tree Cemetery” one big lot for those urns. and once it grows, it will be beautiful to look at it, is also an amazing opportunity to create protected forests as final resting places. The graveyards are becoming to expansive and there is not much place left to let your beloved ones have peace. With this concept, we can create beautiful new forests where our beloved ones can rest and we give the next generation an opportunity to live at a better and cleaner world. With Bios Community you can visit your tree memorials online. To register use the Bios mobile app, which knows the coordinates of the threes location and it is linked with google earth. You then can visit the tree online by insert the name on the website. On the website you can see how much the tree has grown and how much oxygen your beloved ones have giving back to the earth. You can even share it with your family and friends. Bios Community makes it possible to be with your beloved ones, no matter where you are.

Why it has Future Growth Potential:

It has future growth potential because it gives people an opportunity to give something back to the world, after they are dead. When we talk about the bad things that are happening in the world, a lot of people say ‘’ but it will happen after a 100 years, and then I’m dead, so what can I do? ‘’. This is a good way to help the next generations who can live at this world. Trees and plants are the lungs of the world, but we are losing them to forest fires and loggers. Also this urn can ”work” in every country on earth, we can make new forests all around the world.  In this urn your relatives can see your ashes become new life and help next generations towards a better world.