What it Is:

The Golden I-Unit is a new gadget which is now available for professionals.  The hands-free, natural-speech-recognition interface for wireless remote control headset is a new technology made by Kopin Corporatioan and Ikanos Consulting and is now used by the police. The Golden-i headsets allow the user to send and receive audiovisual information from multiple platforms by means of both voice and motion control. With this headset the Police can investigate evidence without touching it, they can scan the object with the golden-i unit and send it to another officer which can analyze it for example for fingerprints.

Why it is Cool:

When there are emergency responders or cops in need of important information, they can communicate with this new headset. When there is a problem and they don’t have a hand to spare this Golden-I-Unit can help them to operate. With a new technology in the headset they can see through walls which comes in handy when dealing with criminals. With these features, they can work faster and easier on a crime and spare some time. Because with this headset they don’t have to touch the evidence which makes the evidence more reliable.


Why it has Future Growth Potential:

It has future growth potential because it improves the quality of life for the society. People are aware of the crimes that are happening. And with the transparancy that is coming up all over the social network, people know what is going on. With this new technology, the police can solve crimes a lot faster and more accurate, doing so, criminals will be of the streets faster, which eventually leads to lower crime rates. Safer streets ensure safety of the people which improves the quality of life.