What is it?

Uncharted play is a team of 8 people who seek to fulfill a mission to create fun products and services that address real world issues and bring joy to the masses. This is their first concept and it is designed and made in America, The SOCCKET is currently being used in poor areas of North and South America.

The SOCCKET is a durable, energy source soccer ball, a fun, portable source of energy that capitalizes on the popularity of soccer to address the lack of electricity in the developing world. It is a portable energy-harvesting source in the form of a soccer ball that captures impact energy when the ball is kicked and stores it to charge lights and batteries. When a kid plays for 30 minutes the power of a simple LED lamp can work for 3 hours.

At this time, the included lamp is the only appliance for the SOCCKET. When the SOCCKET is successfully funded at Kickstarter, other appliances as an USB adapter will be available so you can charge your mobile phone and other things with it.

Ball Specifications:

  • 6 watt output – capable of powering our lamp for more than 72 hours
  • Weighs 17oz – only one ounce more than normal soccer ball
  • Airless
  • Deflation-proof
  • Water resistant shell
  • Assembled in the United States
  • Uncharted play has given SOCCKETs to families living without light.

They also working on other accesoires where the SOCCKET can provide energy to;

  • Water purifier
  • Audio Speaker
  • Hot plate
  • Mini refrigerator
  • Mobile phone charger.

 Why it is cool?

It is cool because it gives people in third world countries an opportunity to make their own energy by playing and doing exercising.  In third world countries there are a lot of people without electricity and with this SOCCKETs children get their exercise and playtime and they can provide their family with light. After playing with the ball, the child can return home and use the ball to connect a LED lamp to read, study, or illuminate the home. The Uncharted play worked with teachers to use SOCCKETs to teach about energy, poverty, and entrepreneurship. It is a sustainable and fun solution to give the children a better Quality of Life, and with this solution they can learn, read and play even when it’s dark. SOCCKET has not only been funded and backed by the Clinton foundation but was also featured during the Clinton Global Initiative 2011. In 2009, SOCCKET receive funding from the Clinton Global Initiative University to carry the prototype development. That the Clinton foundation is willing to work with this concept, and that there are a lot of other people enthousiastic about it, says that this is a good and sustainable idea. It  is good for the environment and the Quality of Life for a lot of people.

Why it has future growth potential?

It has future growth potential because it combines fun with human movement on a sustainable, good and deep eco level. It helps the families at Third World Countries and other bad financial countries to provide energy and light in their lives. Also it gives an opportunity to bring families back together, with this SOCCKET they can play together and makes the bond better between father and son, daughter and mother or sisters and brothers. The good thing is dat we as First World Countries can help the children in bad circumstances by donating a SOCCKET.  The SOCCKET can also be good for education, to give children a new vision of concrete issues as energy, health, environment and they learn about soft issues as community-buidling and creativity. The SOCCKET can be a tool or platform for these issues, the kids can think creatively and dream, they let them think about their community and teamwork. This is good for the children because they get in a fun and innovative way more knowledge about how they can help others and how children in other countries live. They learn how the SOCCKET can really help families in need.


Ted X Gateway; Julia Silverman