Fukushima Plate

What is it? 

After the atombomb at Fukushima, the concerns about radioactive food became a lot bigger. Many people were worried about the food they were eating. Desinger Nils Ferber made a sollution for that problem. Nils Ferber is a designer who searches for solutions for sustainable and ecological problems. He made a concept design that would make these problems a lot easier. It is a plate that glows when your food has radiation in it. The Fukushima Plate is used a lot in the eastern world countries  to see if the sushi is good to eat.  The Fukushima Plate is an normal kitchen plate with a built in radioactive meter to help you notice the radiation in your food.  Once a value is set, the food can be placed on the plate, which detects the radiation within the food and one, two, or three rings around the plate glow depending on how close the food is to the maximum allowed level of radiation. One glowing ring tells you that there is slightly increased radiation coming from your food but nothing to worry about too much. Two glowing rings mean there is a significantly increased radiation and your dish is not as healthy as it may look, and if you see a red ring then you just wasted your time preparing your food.

 Why is it cool?

It is cool although the concept is a bit of the old side, it gives the people a new view at their food. This plate was one of the first plates that was open to the consumer of the food. Restaurants, supermarckets and small foodshops wont tell you if your food contains radiation. With this plate you are able to see the radiation and helps you to eat healthier food. I think it is cool because it combines health with technology, a thing that attracts people now a days. Also you can personalize the plate by put a limit value on the plate since different people and governments perceive the dangers of radioactive radiation differently. Mr. Ferber thinks that “the plate might become an indispensable tool of survival in the future”, and I think that this plate will become more advanced and that the consumers will get a lot more opportunities to get a healthier and better lifestyle.