NFC Tags

What is it?

NFC (Near Field Communication) tags are stickers that you can put on several places in your house, your car or your office. Sony, Nokia and Samsung have been developing these tags and they can make your life a lot easier.  The technology the companies have been using for the development of this concept is based on radio-frequency indentification (RFID) patented by Charles Walton in 1983.  NFC tags make it possible to change your settings in a very fast and simple way. You have to download the app or your smartphone already has the NFC recognizer embedded. The first time your phone recognizes a NFC tag, it will ask you which settings you like to use when you hold your phone against it in the future. For example, when you place the sticker in your car and you put your smartphone against it, it will automatically change your settings to whatever you want it to be.

Why is it cool?

Imagine you keep forgetting to set your alarm clock. As a result you are always late. With these tags you can change your settings on such a simple way, you don’t even have to think about setting the alarm clock. You just put your phone where your sticker is and it will be set for you. We are in such a stress society, where we don’t have much time. We want to do so many things in so little time, that we are forgetting some important stuff. With these tags, you don’t interrupt a meeting or you won’t be struggling with your phone while you are in the car anymore. You just hold your phone against the sticker and it’s all done. The good and the bad part is that there is no phone identification so everyone can use your NFC tags for their own goods.


Why it has future growth potential?

It has future growth potential because it is a small concept that can grow in something big. Now it’s only used in your own environment and for your own goods but companies can use the tags, too. It is an easy and fun way of advertising, like the QR-codes.  Also schools can use these tags, when students are entering the classroom they can hold their smartphone against the NFC tag and their phone will automatically turn into mute and count their presence. This will cause no more interrupting and stress in the classrooms. It is just a such a small thing that can pace up many lives.