OAT shoes

OAT Shoes, Shoes that bloom.

What is it?

When I was at the Amsterdam Fashion Week a man told me about the OAT Shoes. Designer Christiaan Maats made this concept. A shoe of the brand OAT is biodegradable, which means that in time your shoe will wear out and it will be one with nature. Christiaan Maats studied at the University of Delft and followed the course Industrial Design. He wanted to get a technical innovation for a shoe. He kept thinking about how it all will be in the future and how he can help the world with his concept. He made his shoes biodegradable which makes the shoe easier, funnier and more united with nature than recycled shoes. He made shoe designs which are good looking and sustainable. In this shoe only contains eco-friendly materials. When you out wear your shoes, you could throw it in the garden and it will grow out in a little flower.

Why is it cool?

OAT Shoes’ vision is: ‘’ The future of fashion lies in a reconciliation between nature and industry. OAT shoes strives to lead to that future. ‘’

I think it has a beautiful connection with authenticity and deep eco. Christiaan noticed that there wasn’t a biodegradable shoe on the market and he wanted to bring this concept in the society. He takes the risk to make fashionable shoes which are good for the environment. In an interview at Groeneofferte he tells about that he has a other view at sustainability. He thinks communication is a big part of sustainability, you have to show the consumer what you are doing and in what way it is good for the environment en the person itself. You have to give the consumers a new perspective about your designs and concepts and with his biodegradable shoe, this is all possible. With his shoe it is possible to create a little ‘’circle of life’’. Because we live in an industrial life for more than 150 years, and people are completly detached from the idea that nature lifes in cycles. There are a lot of consumers who appreciate this kind of shoes, they have their own vision about the future and want to make the world better by wearing good looking shoes, which are biodegradable.


Why is has future growth potential?

This shoe is just a small example of the future. When we can make shoes, clothing and other things, biodegradable, we will help the environment on a very easy way. The consumers will not notice that they are wearing eco-friendly clothing because it just looks like the ‘’normal’’ ones. I think that OAT shoes makes a step in the right way.


sources: http://www.groeneofferte.nl