Eco-Friendly billboard

What it Is


This is a billboard that is placed in Peru. This billboard creates clean drinking water from the humidity in the air. This billboard is designed by UTEC, the University of Engineering and Technology in Lima. It’s located in an area where it normally hardly rains and where they have a shortage of water with this billboard the people in that area get fresh drinking water. The air humidity is really high in Peru, this is an advantage for this billboard. In the billboard there is a filtering system which provides in a fast en easy way, healthy and clean drinking water.


Why it is Cool

This sustainable billboard creates clean drinking water from the humidity in the air. Because in Peru there isn’t much rain, this billboard is the solution for the citizens in the area. A billboard is normally used for campaigns, but now it has a double action. They’re advertising for UTEC but also provides the citizens of clean drinking water. Also because of the easy filtering system within the billboard it is a sustainable way of creating clean drinking water. This new kind of technology improves peoples lives, that’s good for everyone. Through this project from the university, the local population of the area have 96 liters of clean drinking water. The purified drinking water is stored in tanks at the bottom of the board, people can use it by filling their jerrycan with the cleaned water. This billboard is inspiring and attractive because through this way advertisers can contribute to the QoL and health of the citizens. The people are happy, and UTEC of course are, too.