Glowing Plant Project

What is it?

Could bioluminescent plants one day replace light bulbs?

That is the goal of a group of California scientists who are looking to genetically engineer bioluminescent plants that could eventually be used as streetlights or bedside reading lamps.

A couple of scientist are working on a new concept. Glowing Plants, will be a sustainable solution for the lightning in the world. More recently the scientist have learned how to make new sequences of DNA from scratch. By combining these techniques with the principles of modern engineering, scientists can now use computers and laboratory chemicals to design organisms that do new things. This is the essence of synthetic biology and it’s potential is tremendous, the scientist can use it to produce cheaper, more efficient biofuels, to excrete the precursors of medical drugs or create new plants which naturally glow. “Flowers of the plant are then dipped into a solution containing the transformed bacteria. The bacteria injects our DNA into the cell nucleus of the flowers which pass it onto their seeds which we can grow until they glow!” write the scientists.

They will place the plants in houses and at the street, this will be a new and sustainable way to provide lightning in houses and streets.



Why is it cool?

It is cool because it provides in a simple and nature way, lightning and light in people houses. The group touts glowing plants as a potentially environmentally friendly source of light that is relatively cheap, easy to dispose of and doesn’t require an external power source such as polluting batteries.That’s why it is a sustainable concept to create a easy way to give sustainable lightning in houses. This is also a good concept to use in third world countries. It is a easy way to create lightning in houses and because there is no electricity in those countries, these plants can help them and improve their quality of life.