Share Seeds

What is it?

1681340-inline-lead-share-seedHawaiian guerrilla gardening organization Eating in Public has a new initiative to distribute pop-up seed sharing stations around North America. Eating in Public is setting up seed sharing kiosks across the country to encourage sustainability and an interest in bettering our food system. They offer a space for urban gardeners to exchange seeds and important information about how to best grow their fruits and veggies and are a sign that urban farming remains a DIY movement. Eating in Public offers a design guide that you can download. The idea is that anyone can download the guide, and build a seed sharing station, anywhere in the world. It’s a simple idea and it’s located in libaries, community centers, coffee shops, galleries, or anywhere where people pass through, this concept creates a meeting place in shops.

Eating in Public was founded in 2003 in Hawaii to develop fun and easy systems that encourage sustainability and mutuality. Everyone and anyone is free to participate. Eating in Public wanted to demonstrate that we can take care of each other while taking care of ourselves.


Why it is cool?

Eating in Public encourages that the stations be placed in areas with lots of traffic, so no one can’t hold from participating. Each Seed-Sharing Station is equipped with envelopes, pens and pencils, so that seeds can be easily identified, and accompanied with instructions for best growth. All stations are built out of scrap and repurposed material. Each Seed-Sharing station is designed individually to fit the specificity of its context, showing how local initiatives to improve the city are actually part of a global urban culture, with identical projects from wide-spread ideas made it possible. All these features fits well with the visions and lifestyle of the urban nomads. It is guerrila gardening, sharing and sustainable this all placed in the shops, which can be a meeting place for the urban nomads.