the mobiation project

What is it?


The mobiation is an experiment in a small living space. It’s a nomadic, mobile and open-house. The Mobiators are a team of DIY urban nomads. Over the past year they have been temporarily setting up their self-built, foldable, completely transportable and uncategorizable home, the Mobi-01 is set in playgrounds, parks, music and festivals in Amsterdam. The Mobiators are working towards having their Mobi-01 off by summer’s end, with solar, crank and pedal powered electricity, a grey-water system and a bio-digester to process their waste.

The mobi-01 is the prototype house of the mobiation project it is under construction but it is transportable as a container and, when completed, will have some features and installations, which permit it to function on the road. They have features such as a composting toilet with bio-gas-digestor, generating methane gas, used in cooking;

The Mobi-01 is a living example of a functional on te road home. As an open house, it acts as a podium for education, providing a major source of inspiration to anyone who visits. The Mobi is also a space for hosting organized workshops, and when it is seen in a community it has the potential to bring inspiration, motivation and creative-awakening to their neighbours.


Why is it cool?

The aim of the project is to transform our lives so that we also become the mobiators. Urban nomads living autonomously, sharing the knowledge, experience and fun, in the hope that it not only makes our lives more sustainable, but that it encourages others to also question and act for themselves.

Mobiation takes big political questions and brings them into a personal light, asking visitors to consider their engagement with others and the world around them. With creativity, the Mobiators argue that we can get rid of the bad stuff and maximize the good stuff, and work toward a more sustainable world.

The mobi-01 is not just a home. It is a living performance project, an educational and social experiment and a creatively handmade wagon that inspires people to tell their own stories and dreams and opens their eyes. The act of opening one’s home to the public is an eye opener that appears to give the people an opportunity to interact with each other. They can give each other trust and ideas. The mobi-01 is closeby and transparent, the barriers are down and it becomes an imaginable reality. It is for everyone open and available and everyone is welcome to the moveable house of joy.