What is it?


Lumigrids is a LED projector for bicycles, which aims to improve safety during night riding. It projects square forms on the ground. It analyses changes in the road and the rider can see the obstacles. It can be difficult for night cyclists to get a good sense of the condition of the terrain ahead of them. Even when they have a simple bicycle lamp, it is very hard to see where there are any obstacles, holes or trash. Lumigrids can be fixed onto the bicycle in a very easy way. It works with a battery or by the rotation of the wheels. It has only one button so that the rider can easily use it while riding. This LED projector can increase the potential of danger and is a good solution for many people in Holland. The Sichuan University, Department of Industrial Design, designed the Lumigrid and it has allready won many prices.


Why it is cool?

It has a link with urban nomads because they are always on the road. This tool can give them a little more protection when they are on the road. The urban nomads travel a lot, and when you live in The Netherlands, most of the population rides a bike.  This LED projecter is a new kind of technology what can be used in much more concepts and it can be a very handy and safe tool for a lot of people who have to work at night and are always on the road. Even in the winter when the nights are really short, this can be a good tool. It is also a good lamp so that the other road users will recognize you. This tool can increase the potential of danger and help them to get them safe at their meeting places.