ECO Cycle

What is it?


Construction company Giken in Japan have come up with a solution which stores hundreds of bicycles underground using a system called Eco Cycle – a robot system which stores bicycles underground in a 11 meter deep well. Eco-cycle is a mechanical underground parking lot. You need a subscription and a little chip to place at your bike so the machine will recognize your bike. You can place your bike in the station, scan your pass and the machine will take it underground where it will place your bike in one of the free places. Your bike is safe and you can do your thing. When you’re ready with working, shopping or researching, you can scan the pass at the station and your bike will come right back to you. Giken aggregated own long term experience of press-in technologies and developed the Eco-cycle with the design concept of “Culture Aboveground, Function Underground”.


Why it is cool?

It is cool because this system works well for the urban nomads. Bicycle rental is getting popular in recent urban development, because bicycle is considered as environmentally-friendly vehicle. Eco-cycle is an underground mechanical bicycle parking lot which requires a small space above ground just for the bicycle entrance booth. Eco-cycle does not disturb beautiful sight of the town, and the space above ground can be utilised as gardens or parks.

Urban nomads are people who have to travel a lot and they want to do everything as fast as possible. When they are traveling from work, home or meeting they want to do it as quick as possible. In the Netherlands most of the people are traveling by bike and there aren’t much parking spaces. That is why nuisance parking is found anywhere at footpath in urban area. Those parked bicycles would spoil surrounding sight and bother other people. In Amsterdam everywhere you go you have to watch out for the bikes that are placed everywhere, when you finally found a parking space you have to watch out that it won’t will be stolen. This system is a well solution for this problem. The urban nomads can store their bikes at a easy, fast en simple system and when they are gone, their bike is safe for thiefs and wreckers. When the urban nomads want their bike back it will be back in 14 seconds and they can go further.