What is it?

For the people who like a bit more peace, quiet and privacy than their local coffeeshop can offer them, there is Breather!


Julien Smith is co-founder of the app and tells about Breather at the LeWeb London Conference:

““A Breather is like a little studio apartment or office. We make sure it’s always nicely furnished, with good wifi you don’t have to ask the password for. They’re always quiet, private, and clean, so you can take a phone call, have a meeting, take a nap, or whatever else. It’s basically like you own the space for the short time period you’re there.”





When you are sick of working at a crowded place, a place where you can work in solitude is very hard in a big city. Breahter has the solution in the form of providing spaces for people’s privacy and relaxing time. People can download the app, choose a certain space in their city and unlock the door when they are at the place. You can work as long as you like and breather charge you for the time that you work at that space.  The space can be anything, from an appartment to a small room, you can unlock everydoor in your area. Breather has very much places available and it is open for everyone.


Why is it cool?

Breather is a great solution for urban nomads who have a strong schedule. They can use the app and unlock every space in their area, where there is always a spot open for working or relaxing. This is a good example of meet@work, breather provides working spaces for everyone who needs one. Also the room is available for different kinds of using, you can relax take a nap, meet and work at one place. This is perfect for the urban nomad, it is every time and everywhere possible and you can make it as comfortable as you like.