Berkx came with a solution for a problem that is well known with the elderly.  The fear the elderly live in is that when something happens to them when they are home alone, that no one can help them. That’s why a lot of elderly now have a security box outside their houses. When there is trouble they can click on a button, which they usually wear around their arm or neck, and the paramedics get an alert. They come as quick as they can and when they arrive at the house, they can open the door by opening the security box outside their house with a code. But burglars have noticed this easy system, too. And a lot of those security boxes are getting destroyed which gives the burglar an easy access to the elderly houses.

opa pin-keyBerkx is a company that is specialized in locks and security systems in the living sector and it came with a new technology in cooperation with the Groene Kruis to prevent this problem, the Pin-Key. The Pin-Key is a lock that has a cylinder shape and is provided with one of the new technologies and finest materials. The lock can be opened with a simple code system and a key. The key is destined for the elderly which has one quick action. When there is something wrong and the aid come to help the inhabitant, it can easily open the door with the code system. The lock can hold on to 511 codes and it is possible to make a code out of 10.000 possibilities.  It is impossible for a burglar to force the lock open, when it gets broken the system automatically shuts down and it is impossible to open until Berkx comes along. The burglar can’t break in and the client is safe.

This lock is safe and easy and has an easy costs system. With an simple and fast lease contract, the clients can use the lock for an indefinite period of time and when the elderly die or doesn’t want it anymore, the lock can be returned and the client get a part of their money back.

Pin-Key is easy, modern and absolutely safe.

It gives the elderly a safe home and improves their quality of life.