The Great Gatsby

Luxury, gold and a lot of bling. The roaring twenties are back. I noticed it when I was in Paris for a couple of days. The feathers, golden accessories and feminine styles, I’ve seen it. Not only at the Maison D’Objects but also in Le Bon Marche and other stores in Paris.

Dior exposed his new collection with big pearl necklaces and haircuts you saw a lot in the ‘20s. It was all glamour but sophisticated. But not only Dior got inspired by the Great Gatsby feeling. Also, Dries van Nooten worked with it.  He used a lot of feathers and Barok themed prints in his new collection.


When I saw all this luxury, I thought ‘‘Who can and will spend money on these clothing? ‘’. We are in an economic crisis and many people can’t afford this. Maybe we want to make us feel better with all this glamour and maybe we want to forget the economic crisis and pretend like it isn’t even there. It could be the explanation. Because after the two world wars were done, a lot of countries were destroyed and the people had no money. No one had the money to buy (expensive) clothes. But it was surprising how the people (and mostly the women) try to mask the whole crisis. They were burying their heads in sand.

But does this mean that the designers are saying that we should do that again and go on with our lives and make the most of it? Or should we pre-celebrate because the crisis is almost over?

I think it could be both options. We want to be more positive about the future and we are trying really hard to see things in a good way. These designers are giving us a push to the right direction.