Fur is alive

Society is now wondering where the ethical line is going to. In our society there is a lot of confusion about what is and is not accepted now a days. Clothing has always been a form of showing your identity and lifestyle but I see that a lot of fashion is seen as a statement and that the ethics is getting extemely important. As the society becomes more transparant more questions about what is liable are coming up. People can and want to know more and more about clothing, how it is made​​, where and by whom.

Cecilia Valentine is playing with ethics. Her conceptual jewellery is a line that shows the abuse of animals in fashion. The designs has living animals in it and Cecilia wants to show the reality of the fur industry by taking it really seriously.  Instead of killing the animals for fashion, Cecilia keeps them alive and let the true beauty of nature out. She inserts the animals in her jewerly, which are not intended to be worn. It is about making a statement and she thinks that fur is meant to be alive and murdering the animals for fashion or designs should not happen.

cecilia-valentine-fur-is-alive-1-537x402 cecilia-valentine-fur-is-alive-2-537x402

But not only Cecilia wants to wake the people up about what is happening in the fur industry. Bont voor Dieren is a foundation that fights for the animal rights. Bont voor Dieren made it happen that the Amsterdam Fashion Week is getting less fur at the catwalk and in the collections.