Life long clothing

It is getting more difficult to find clothing that lasts longer than one year. Finding clothing that has a guarantee that is lasts your whole life long is almost impossible. Flint and Tinder saw this problem and made a solution. They created a 10-year-hoodie that costs about 90 dollar. This hoodie is made to last a lifetime. The quality of this hoodie is the most important thing because the hoodie is fesquire_redoabricated in a special way so it is almost impossible to break or wear out.

However when this happens, the consumer has a 10 year long guarantee on the hoodie and can bring it back at all times. Flint and Tinder are planning to make more clothing like this. If only every piece of clothing was like that, it would be a lot easier and cheaper for the consumers to buy clothing. Because what is getting more important now a days? The quality or quantity?

Are we still showing our identity with our clothing or is that still possible with the economical crisis? And is it still important to show how different you are, this hoodie is a unisex hoodie and is available for every sex, age and country. So when it comes to quality and convenience it doesn’t matter anymore who you are and how you look.