Turn your places into beautiful objects.

Meshu, a new jewelry company gives people the possibility to show and wear their life journeys around them. Designers Rachel Binx and Sha Hwang combines social media with appearance by letting people create new 3D printed jewerly by using their foursquare (or other social meda) incheck data.

Rachel and Sha Hwang got inspired by the geometric forms you see when you look at a map when you pinned all your destinations form all the places you have been. This jewerly is really special because you can take all your memories in an unique way with you. Meshu made it possible for consumers to wear their own unique jewerly that has a story behind it. You can wear with pride all your roadtrip accross the country, your favorite places you have been or all the places you have lived around your neck or in your ears.

It isn’t just a piece of jewerly but it gets a sentimental value which is getting more important now a days. We want to show our identity as a individual and not as a group anymore. We know that we can do this alone and that we are also strong enough as a person to show our true self. This jewelry gives us an opportunity to show our true selfes on a very intimate way and delicate way.