Small living spaces

The need for small living spaces is getting bigger and bigger. Because of the economical crisis and the urbanisation, there is not much room left for your own living space. People don’t have much money anymore to rent the houses they would like to and when you want a big house that has all your desires you can’t live in a big city. That’s why a lot of designers are creating small living houses. Houses of 20 square meters are being built and placed in big cities. These houses contain everything you need and the most important thing is that they are built in a very efficient way. When you are a student and you want a special place for yourself, you have to take a look at the Smart Student Units in Scandinavia.


These little houses of  10 square meters has everything that a student needs. The only thing it doesn’t have is a kitchen.

Also the architecture office MYCC made a good option for people who want to live independently but don’t have much money left for a big room or appartement. They built a house of about 18 square meters where you actually do have everything you desire. The house is multifunctional and pleases everyone. The only thing is, do you want to live in a room of 2 meters wide?