Full Efficiency

We are living in a world where everything goes faster and easier. Even though the stress in everyone is over known, everyone has fallen into a routine where everything needs to be quick and efficient. (1) This development also affects how we deal with our food. Companies come up with more and more solutions to make our lives easier, often focusing on technology. But the technological developments can also go too fast so people can not keep up with them. People are scared and do not know how to deal with all these developments. Other people surrender to the technological developments and let it all come off by itself.trends

Lack of time is a major problem in our society. We are becoming more aware of our time on earth and want to fill it as good as possible but society makes this difficult. Commitments such as work, school or maintaining your family take a lot of time so that you sometimes succumbs to the tasks which you have every day. We feel the pressure from above and want to do as much as possible simultaneously. In order to achieve this, everything has to go easier, more flexible and faster. We are still in a society where multitasking is required. We have less and less time to be able to furfill our basic needs. Therefore, we desire for faster and more efficient solutions to make our lives easier.

An important factor in achieving this are efficient technology solutions. Technology has long been under continuous development and it goes faster and faster over the years. In today’s society, technology has become an unthinkable part.  Since the economic crisis, companies are increasingly looking at how they can make our lives easier and more efficient, in the products that followed the role of technology was very big.

The trend full efficiency is expressed in a variety of things. These are both movements and developments in society and new concepts that come on the market. Companies see that consumers still feel a lot of pressure on themselves and to continue selling companies they must adapt to the needs of the customers. Because of the ever increasing need for convenience and speed have different businesses new concepts on the market to make the user’s life easier. This also happened in the food sector.

There are concepts marketed as a ready-made soup that you can warm yourself by shaking it. (2)     Not only companies that sell products are inspired by this trend, restaurants also take a new road to happier consumers. By making use of the latest technologies in restaurants, customers are helped quickly and efficiently. There is a new concept at the Pizza Hut in America (3) where a large interactive screen is placed at each table. Here, visitors to the fast food restaurant quickly make a choice in an interactive wayThis gives customers the ability to be able to plan their day and so can spend moburgersre clearly ahead.

Outdoor restaurants keep more companies engaged in accelerating our daily obligations. There will be more and more concepts on the market that make it easier for home consumers. Concepts like Hello Fresh make it easier for consumers every evening to have a meal without much difficulty. One day in the week, they sent a large package in which the messages are supplied for a few days. You also get recipes, making it really just a matter of following steps. Hello Fresh also allows for the user to a well-stocked and healthy meal gets just by using fresh products. (4).

More and more devices are coming soon in the market that wear the name card smart . This means that they can absorb both data and can scan things, and on the basis of that make analysis, to make the use of the device easier. For example, LG is already working on a smart washing machine and even a talking refrigerator. The smart fridge analyzes using an app your food intake and when the refrigerator should be refilled, when something about date has passed and even if there are toxins in your diet. This smart fridge is a good example that can make the user’s life more efficient. (5)

The above signals all have an influence on they way we want to eat as efficiently as possible. By our lack of time our food quality is lost. We choose the quickest and easiest way which often leads to fast food. Former fast food had a negative approach but because society increasingly conscious is to eat come increasingly healthier fast food companies that make the hard working traveler is also the right amount of vitamins and energy that person needs to function . (6)


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