People in the society are increasingly feel the need to express himself. Their own identity and not that of the masses. It has become important for society to be seen as an individual with their own story and their own preferences. Individuals committed against mass production and will not be part of more consumerism. They do this by expressing their own personality and their own story in their appearance and lifestyle. They do not want to stick to all brands and big names that are sold in the society but are holding on to their own visions and identity. Be unique, that is important.
That this development has arisen is clearly because off several innovative concepts and companies.
Not only consumers committed against the brands, more and more designers and companies want to help consumers with expressing their own personality. They do this through craft, produce unique products and give the buyer an option whereby he / she can build his product. ikea

Butterfly Works in Amsterdam has a new concept, which gives a particular sentimental value to your decor. By handing in old clothes is unique and handmade mat for you created. The Carpet of Life is made entirely of your own clothes and tell your story. It visualizes your identity in your own home. (LINDA, 2013)

Even designers are concerned with how they can ensure that consumers can adjust mass production of the IKEA cabinet, to their preferences. As the designers Jana Cagin and Mikael Söderblom, founders of Prettypegs, who invented a new concept that the customers can make many sold IKEA furniture personal. Through fun and unique replaceable furniture legs you can freshen IKEA table and adjust. (Westerbeek, 2012)

There are other options for personalizing your IKEA furniture. On and with the company SuperFront can design your own stickers that you can attach to your desired furniture. This ensures that you do have a unique and personal piece of furniture that reflects your own identity. (Laney, 2012)

Also my previous blogposts ”Turn your places into beautiful objects” and ”The creative conspiracy” are a beautifull example of this trend.