Because we do not deal well with our world lately there are more and more shifts in the food industry. Drought, unfair wages and strong competition from large companies, farmers are coping with an increasingly difficult to harvest various products. So we will encounter problems in the future.71cebce7756b28ac724a8954b75f6858

Over the past thirty years, the demand for avocados tripled because of extreme drought in different countries. The avocado farmers can’t keep up with the demand from all the people. To grow 1 kilo of avocado’s there is a lot of water needed. Also there is a lot of competition between farmers so it is even possible that we don’t have any avocados any more in the year 2050.

Also there are a lot of problems with the chocolate industry. It has been known that chocolate farmers are very poor. But also because of the climate change in the recent years it has become increasingly difficult for them to find the right cocoa beans. The supply of chocolate shrinks more and more and it may even be that we also can’t find any chocolate in the supermarket shelves any more.

This is quite shocking and disturbing. The way we treat our earth, and our people must change.