In the end of 2014 there began a real hype around the packaging free supermarkets. In Germany the first one is allready opened and if everything goes according to plan, after the summer of 2015, the first packaging free supermarket will also open their doors in the Netherlands. It is allready confirmed that the store named Bag and Buy will have their first shop in Utrecht,

In the mini-supermarket there are a lot of dispensers, bins and jars to buy. The customer can choose how much they would like of each product and put in in their own jar or bag. The shelves of the supermarket are filled with nuts, wine and other products that doesn’t expire that quickly. Bag-and-Buy-Cover

These supermarkets are a great solution and fit well in the NO WASTE trend. But this idea is also a good help for people that don’t have a lot of money to spend. They can get exactly what they need and only have to pay for the products that they actually will eat. So not only for a better world is this supermarket a good idea. But also for the people in assistance.