Because of the aging population that prevails in the Netherlands there are more and more elderly people coming into our society. (National Compass 2014) As people age, the body can’t function as well as they have before. Many elderly people suffer from physical complaints. The great uncertainty in many elderly lives is how long they can care for themselves. How does the self-reliance of the elderly look like in 2025? Can the elderly take easier and longer care of themselves?

In the Netherlands life expectancy is increasing and we live less and less with physical disabilities. (CBS 2009) Even the elderly of 65 years is likely to become 80 years or o675010d097d568740e1647b0a5e06984lder in the future. (CBS 2011) (National compass 2014)
This does not mean that the self-reliance of the elderly has improved but there has been an increase of people aged 60-65 years that are still working. (CBS 2013) Also, more and more projects and organizations that improve the mobility of the elderly are come available for elderly. This ensures that the elderly are more flexible, more mobile and healthier. This also ensures that older people can provide better for themselves (SPRINT 2014)

To understand the self-reliance problem more in the society we have to research the elderly better. Also our healthcare system has to change from the view on sickness and care to health and behaviour. Someone that is 80 years old can feel like a person of 40. Age is becoming less important for generalizing a mentality group. It is now increasingly at how someone feels, why that person is healthy rather than sick. There are more and more programs and studies that focus on this issue. The minor Active Aging that I’m going to follow coming six months is entirely focused on this. This is an important development in the health sector


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