Another documentary which will change your view about your health, memories and familie. Alive inside is a beautifull documentary where a researcher is going to elderly houses and give the elderly their memories back by let them listen to music. The way they first don’t remember anything about their lives anymore and then completely live up when they hear the music that they grew up with is beautifully to watch. Because of this documentary I got excited to work with elderly and try to make them happy again.

Long term loneliness among elderly is becoming a bigger problem than we knew. It is even getting a threat to the public health of Britain.  Elderly who aren’t capable to care for themselves are mostly living in care homes. Because other people care for them they don’t get visited often by their family or they don’t even have a family at all.

elderlyBecause the group of elderly are growing and growing and it will become one of the biggest mentality groups in the future of our society, their unhappiness will influence the health of our society. There are coming more concepts and ideas to break the loneliness of the elderly. The neighbourhood garden’s where everyone can grow their vegetables, or even the encouragement for younger people to help the elderly out is more seen in our society. Also there are becoming more targeted studies in our society which is made to research the needs of the elderly and how we can make them happier.

If we all share a little bit we all get happier in the end.