We are seeking to spend our free time more in different setting than we are used to. We want to go to places we have never been before. We travel further away to explore more of the world and make meet new experiences. But also we spend our free time in different settings that we are used to.

Restaurants in a church, concerts in a old factory hall. Everything is possible now a days in the leisure industry. We get more excited to new experiences where all of our senses gets touched. What kind of scares me is that there are also a lot of events around the Halloween where people are getting emotionally tortured in their free will like the Mckamey Manor Houses. We want to experience new emotions, push our boundaries and see how far we can go. This is a very scary example.

newton-prison-escape-small-93943-e1336676664383But there is also a fun side about that. There is a new concept in The Netherlands called Prison Escape. Prison Escape lets you experience a new kind of leisure. You get in a setting you wish you’d never were, but it gets excited when you get the ability to escape. In Prison Escape you get treated like a real prisoner by actors in police and guard costumes and you get locked up. But the fun part about this event is that you get the chance to escape the prison. There are hints, plots en keeping things secret so you can get out of the prison. This is a whole new experience to spend your free time.