Exercise has never been so popular than in 2014. Maybe we finally realised that the way we eat, and all the junkfood and the upcoming interest in superfoods made us change in one hell of a super race. It seems like skinny isn’t that pretty anymore but we all need to be in shape, fit and at least 4 abs on our belly. This development is huge because on the other hand the overweight people are also growing. But we get more faced with how bad all this junkfood is for our body and how good it is to exercise.

Because of the increasing love for social media and the fact that sharing our half naked fit body is not that bad anymore, people are getting encouraged to become more healthy and to improve their human movement. We don’t want to be fragile and skinny anymore. We want to show the world that we are strong and care for our body!

On instagram, tumblr and facebook people show their fit bodies with strong muscles and abs and motivate others to go and exercise and everyone loves it!

so fit is the new  skinny!