If you read my previous post about Fit is the new skinny, you know that exercise is more popular than ever. In the year of 2014 human movement has improved a lot. We became more aware of our body and our health and knew that if we continued to live this way, it wouldn’t go right.

So the majority of our society has began to fitness, sport and on some way work on their bodies. The obesity in our country is still growing but we are getting faced with it everyday. But also because of the growth and impact of social media in our lives we get more and more motivated to work out. 87a132f28e9a19f30ab303f4ab2bebe0

But… there is always a but, we don’t have any time. Because of the stress society we don’t have much free time left when we get out of school/work or even school and work. I can rely as a student and for the first time in my life I subscribed to a gym. But there also are getting more sites on the internet where we get motivated to work out at home.

Challenges like the 30 DAY ABS CHALLENGE on Facebook was really populair. A challenge where work out everyday with a strict planning, but at home. It’s like you have a personal trainer but only it is at home and for free. Also because of the Facebook Event others could motivate each other by keep on going. The social media brought human movement to a whole other level.

Another example of home exercising are the challenges by Neila Rey. She has a lot of simple, structured work out plans which you can download and do at home. She also makes work out challenges with popular themes, like series or games so it makes it more fun to do that workout.

All these kinds of workouts online made it possible for everyone to work out. You don’t need to be intelligent or someone that has a lot of free time, it is no pretext anymore!