Opposites do attract

New encounters involves the breaking of fixed patterns. Because the people in our society feel less positivity in their lives there are more and more people about to break this downward spiral down through innovation, making refreshing concepts and unexpected combinations. You also see this the living sector. More and more artists are going to make combinations of materials that you’ve never seen before, such as water and electricity. Combinations that are not actually possible. Opposites attract do they say sometimes and this is what you see in this trend. A good example of this trend is the Surface Tension by Font. A lamp bulb blowing bubbles, it is all possible.


Another good example is the Nailed Succesion. A literately, nailed succession. This is a creation of Fredrik Farg. If you do see the chair you would not like to sit on it. But it does attract you. It gives furniture and your home not only a living purpose but more an experience. 


Trendrapport La Poubelle