Cats, you either love them or hate them. But there is a large group in the world who loves cats. I’m a catlover, too.. It’s a part off your personality. Cats are taking over the internet, but not only that. They are also taking over our cafes, pubs and restaurants.

Cat lovers will go crazy because there are coming more and more Catcafes in every city all over the world. These cat (or even dog) cafes are filled with our furry friends and make our experience of drinking coffee a lot more fun. Cat cafes usually adopt cats from the shelter and most of the time when you visit the cafe and you fall in love, you can adopt the kittycat again! The Cat cafes make a whole new experience to working places, coffee houses or every other shop you enter. It is proven that when you work with a pet near you, you work more efficiently.

And even for the people who live in small houses and enjoy to pet a cat once in a while, this is the perfect option for them. The cats give love and get love in return. I love it!