The way we move from A to B has changed a lot since the up come of technology and nanotechnology. Segways, mobile wheelchairs and the motorized bicycle has made it a lot easier for all of us to come to places. But the technology has taken an even bigger step. Self driving cars are coming up in the market and the first ones are being sold. Google has made the first driverless carThese cars have all the data how to drive, driving rules and sensors in his system. He will be a better driver than any person in the world.

Also  the motorized bicycles have gotten an big update. It used to be for old people but now you see more and more people getting used to the fact that it is just easier for them to getting around.

And even personal mobility has been aindexdvanced with smart technology. WHILL is a new concept that is funded by Kickstarter. WHILL is not a wheelchair and does not have FDA clearance as a medical device. WHILL is a personal mobility device for everybody as it says on the website. It makes it easier for everyone to transport themselves.

This development in the human movement industry has pro’s and con’s. The pro’s are that we get easier and faster to our destination. We can multitask on our way and are not that dependent on our own drivingskills anymore. The con’s are that the more we let technology do our tasks, the lazier we get. I think that WHILL is a beautifull concept for disables people, but we will see how it will get used in the society. I think that a lot of people with obesity will also use this, which is not that good for them.