We are all used to the fact that everyone has a smartphone and people without them are drop-outs. If you don’t check your facebook every minute a day your hands are going to tingle. We ALL want to know what everyone is doing. But the fact that we all are addicted to our smartphone and our social media updates have some consequences to our health. We are becoming technological zombies.nekpijn

A recent research has discovered that there is a link between our phone addicting and our posture. There is a sow called ”whatsapp posture” now. More people are having back and neck aches throughout the day and doctors are considering that this maybe excist because of the fact that we bend our necks so much because we always look down on our phones. This is a serious bussiness. Because we bend our necks we create a undue pressure on our spine which leans to a sore back.

If you wouldn’t want a sore back and want to have the ” whatsapp” posture you need to look in a right position at your social media devices. But this seems almost impossible.