They way we fill in our free time is way different than our peers 10 years ago. Technology has taken over, like I said in my previous post ‘smartphone zombie’, the way we use our technology is getting out of hand.

We used to play outside and go play with each other but the way we spend our free time is now a lot different. We talk less in private anymore, the social factor is gone. Social media has made our world so much bigger but on the other hand really small. The way we look at our cellphones is like we aren’t interested in anything else any more. Everything on that little screen says it all. The fact that has consequences on our health doesn’t say enough. We live for our daily social media, technology is taken over.

Our leisure time is changed a lot since social media, smart phones and all those devices came so popular. And the more it gets popular, there are always a group of people that are against it. And than I’m not talking about our grandparents who always talk bad about the youth of today but just people like you and me who says it’s enough.

Companies who banish people out of their bars if they use their cellphone, or even anti social media groups who go on a stroll together every now and then. People are fighting back to the smartphone zombies and are organizing events to get that social touch again.