Le dernier bar avant la fin du monde

What is it? Le dernier bar avant le fin du monde is a bar in Paris. ‘Le dernier bar avant le fin du monde’ means: the final bar before the end of the… Lees verder

RiRiver Island

A couple of days ago I read in a magazine that Rihanna is going to launch a clothing line at the River Island. You see more often that great fashionstores are going to… Lees verder


What is it? Sas is a square in Breda. There are different kind of stores where you can buy furniture and gifts. When you’re ready with shopping you can drink a cup of… Lees verder

Queen of sweets

What is it? Queen of sweets is a store in Breda where you can buy all kinds of handmade candy. They make their own high quality sweets and gifts.   Why is it… Lees verder


Foodspotting, what is it? Foodspotting is an app where you can find all kinds of meals. Sometimes you want to know how good a meal is at some kind of restaurant but then… Lees verder


Peerby.nl, what is it? Peerby is a Dutch website where you can ask with a personal account if you can borrow things from people in your neighbourhood. When you need a hammer or… Lees verder


Lookbook.nu, what is it? Lookbook is a website where you can share your fashion outfit of the day. When this site first started you had to make a personal account but now it’s… Lees verder


Pinterest what is it? Pinterest is a site where you can post pictures of different interests that inspire you. You can post things based on fashion, living, appearance, design and many more. When… Lees verder

Trammelant in Tandenland

Trammelant in Tandenland, What is it? Trammelant in Tandenland is a new project made by the GGD for children at the primary school and their parents. They get more information about how important… Lees verder


Mitfahrgelegenheit.de, What is it? Now a days people meet each other at places to go to work. But why isn’t carpooling for longer trips possible? Mitfahrgelegenheit made it possible. On the website you… Lees verder